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The Asphalt Mixing Plant is an innovative product based on international advanced technology. The products are widely used for advanced road construction and maintenance.

The Asphalt Mixing Plant series with a productivity of 30 – 230 tons/hour. Its high automatic intensity, accurate measuring, and high dependability is the ideal choice in advanced road construction and maintenance. Its key components such as burning devices and sensors are all name-brand products.

The control system adopting the programmable controller and professional engineering computer of Siemens and main electric parts are the Schneider Brands, can control the weight, stirring and putting material in automatic, semi-automatic and manual ways.


The vane, mixing arm, and blade are made of wear-resistant cast iron, so they have long performance life. Aggregate, ore power, and bitumen are measured alone so as to ensure batching precision and reability. Hot aggregate and ore power use a double-stranded lifting machine with an auto-tension system.


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